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Savings With Additional Contributions Calculator

The calculator displayed below, will show you how much you would have saved over a period of time if you were to invest “x” amount of money into an investment company that pays with compound interests.

What is Compound Interest?

According to online sources like Wikipedia & Investopedia, compound interest is the addition of interest to the principal sum of a loan or deposit.

It is the interest calculated on the initial principal and also on the accumulated interest of previous periods of a loan or deposit.

In other words, it is the process of generating more return on an asset’s reinvested earnings.

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A more comprehensive explanation about the formulas used to create the above calculator, can be found at

Please also note that most of our calculators are created using a plugin called Smart Forms, a user friendly plugin that can be used to create forms, among other things.

You don’t have to be a programmer to do some calculations with Smart Forms.
With basic understanding of html, java script and some knowledge of excel formulas, you can create amazing calculators.

And if you would like to add your knowledge about excel formulas and functions, don’t hesitate to visit ExcelJet.Net for more tutorials.

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