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# Gas Stations Gas Price Per Gallon Diesel Price Per Gallon
1 Esso 5.59 5.11
2 Rubis 5.61 5.01
3 Shell 5.69 5.04


How We Gather Fuel Prices and How You Can Help!

The fuel prices listed on this website are gathered firsthand from local gas stations in Nassau, The Bahamas, through weekly physical visits or phone calls.

Please note that if two or more gas stations of the same type (Esso, Rubis, or Shell) have different prices, the website will list the average price.

Gas Station Owners: Keep Us Updated on Fuel Prices!

If you're a Gas Station Owner or Manager and would like to keep us updated with your latest gas and diesel prices whenever there are changes, you are free to email us. This will help us keep our records up-to-date and provide accurate information to our users.




The fuel pricing information we provide is a courtesy, based on the most recent data available. This information is intended solely as a reference. Please be aware that actual prices at gas stations may vary due to market conditions, supplier pricing changes, and other unpredictable factors.

We strive to ensure that our information is both current and accurate. However, we cannot guarantee its complete accuracy at all times. Therefore, we accept no liability for any discrepancies between the prices listed here and those charged at the gas stations.